What is GMD?

Grace Market Data (GMD) is a leading industry intelligence and market insight publisher. As a market research and intellectual platform of Grace International Group LLC, GMD provides the most informative and latest digital intelligence products which contain not only data & information but also the insightful industry & market intelligence.  To help you make fast business-ready, profit-maximizing decisions, and to boost your business performance, GMD reports classify emerging and shrinking markets, forecast industry and products development trends, assess internal and external risks for various businesses, and identify strategic Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in many industrial sectors.

  • GMD takes deep dive in Market Research to help clients to boost their business and build the future
  • GMD builds actionable market research reports of 11 industrial categories
  • GMD delivers highly comprehensive solutions to clients' complex challenges
  • GMD offers insightful strategies that are tailored to needs and requirements of clients


What are GMD’s main products?

Our main products include:

Industry/Market Research Reports: Comprehensive market research and in-depth trend analysis for worldwide fast-growing industries.

Industry Risk Evaluation Reports: Objective risk rating and decision-making assay in various industrial sectors.

Business Environment Reports: Investment environment and industry conditions in certain countries or regions.

GMD also have a Case Study service to help customers solve any problems they get in business performance and investment launch.


How GMD’s products and services are used?

GMD’s industry reports are extensively used for understanding industry development (growth, trends), market structure (market size, shares, major players); setting up business plans and strategies; making investment decisions; helping financial support and management consulting; editing journals and books; and more. 

Target Audience:
   Product Vendors/Service Providers
   Marketing Departments of Companies and Corporations
   Market Research and Consulting Firms
   Corporation Stockholders
   Venture Capitalists and Investors
   Government Bodies
   Economic Organizations
   Industry Associations