Cartesian/Gantry/Rectilinear Industrial Robots: Global Market 2016-2021

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Finished Date: 1-Feb-2016         Territory Coverage: Worldwide                  Period Coverage: 2014-2021

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Cartesian robots, also called rectilinear or gantry robots, provide quick and accurate solutions for several different industrial applications. The recent years have seen a much higher compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in Cartesian industrial robots than the worldwide average economic growth rate, and the trend will remain in the coming years up to 2021. Rising demand for Cartesian robots in various industrial manufactures is expected to drive the market growth continuously over the coming years.

Cartesian/Gantry/Rectilinear Industrial Robots: Global Market 2016-2021 examines the worldwide market of Cartesian robotics through a comprehensive review and analysis of reliable information sources. In addition to the outline of market environments in the world, this report provides an in-depth and detailed analysis of market structure, the major industrial players/vendors, end-users, geographical landscape, and market forces. In most analysis, historical statistics together with market outlook cover the 2014-2021 period.

Qualitative market analyses include identification and discussion of growth drivers, restraints and challenges, emerging market trends/opportunities, Porter’s Fiver Forces as well as M&A landscape and fundraising trend (IPO and VCI).

Worldwide Cartesian robot markets by end-user include Cartesian robotic applications in Automotive Industry, Electrical and Electronics Industry, Metal, Machinery, Plastics & Chemicals, Food & Beverage, and other industrial sectors (Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Precision, Optics, etc.). Automotive and electrical/electronics manufacture have been so far attracting the majority of new installations (~47% in 2015) while applications in non-automotive industrial manufactures are enjoying higher growth rates.

By region, the global Cartesian robots markets are divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific region, Latin America and the rest of world (RoW). This report also provides specific analysis and forecast for Cartesian robots market in important countries such as U.S., China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Mexico over the 2014-2021 duration. Asia-Pacific region leads the global Cartesian industrial robots market in terms of unit shipment as well as annual revenue, followed by European market and North America region. APAC also holds the strongest growth potential for the future Cartesian robots market with China and Southeast Asian countries expected to be the driving engines for the growth.

The market data and forecast trends are highlighted by 4 tables and 55 figures. Current competitive scenario and latest news about major Cartesian robots are included. The global leading vendors of Cartesian robots are studied and profiled.      


Table of Contents

1 Introduction  

1.1 Industry Definition and Scope           

1.2 Research Methodology         

1.3 Executive Summary 

2 Market Environment   

2.1 Prospects for the World Economy in 2015–2016         

2.2 Outlook of the World Economy to 2030         

3 Market Overview and Qualitative Analysis          

3.1 Market Structure     

3.2 Market Overview      

3.3 Major Growth Drivers           

3.4 Market Restraints and Challenges      

3.5 Emerging Opportunities and Market Trends    

3.6 Porter’s Fiver Forces Analysis

3.7 Key M&A Trends and Strategic Partnerships    

3.8 IPO and VCI in Global Industrial Robot Market

4 Global Cartesian Robot Market by End-user       

4.1 Characteristics of Cartesian/Gantry Robot System       

4.2 Applications of Cartesian Robots by Industrial Sector  

4.2.1 Automotive Industry         

4.2.2 Electrical and Electronics Industry   

4.2.3 Machinery

4.2.4 Metal Industry      

4.2.5 Rubber, Plastics & Chemicals          

4.2.6 Food & Beverage   

4.2.7 Other Industrial Sectors    

5 Global Cartesian Robot Market by Region          

5.1 Geographic Overview of Global Cartesian Robot Market 2015-2021       

5.2 North America Cartesian Robot Market 2014-2021      

5.2.1 Overview of North America Market  

5.2.2 U.S. Market          

5.2.3 Canadian Market   

5.3 European Cartesian Robot Market 2014-2021 

5.3.1 Overview of European Market         

5.3.2 Germany  

5.3.3 Rest of Europe      

5.4 Asia-Pacific Cartesian Robots Market 2014-2021         

5.4.1 Overview of Asia-Pacific Market       

5.4.2 Japan Market        

5.4.3 China       

5.4.4 South Korea         

5.4.5 Other Asia-Pacific Region   

5.5 Latin America Cartesian Robots Market 2014-2021      

5.5.1 Overview of Latin America Market   

5.5.2 Mexico     

5.5.3 Rest of Latin America        

5.6 Cartesian Robots Market in Rest of World 2014-2021  

6 Manufacturing Landscape of Cartesian Robots   

6.1 Overview of Global Cartesian Robot Manufacture         

6.2 Key News    

6.3 Company Profiles     



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