Global Agricultural Robots Market 2016-2025 by Application (Field Farming, Indoor Farming, Livestock Management, Horticulture), Technology (UAVs, Driverless Tractors, Milking Robot

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The global population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, which requires double agricultural production in order to meet food demands. Artificial intelligence robotics is one of the new and innovative technologies that will help to overcome these challenges. An increasing number of agricultural robots are being developed and deployed that are capable of complex tasks. Accounting in robotics hardware, software as well as service expenditure, global agri-bots market is expected to reach $11.1 billion in 2020 and explode to $30.8 billion in 2025 as more and more farmbots will be used to increase productivity.




Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Industry Definition and Research Scope

1.2 Research Methodology   

1.3 Executive Summary

2 Market Environment   

2.1 World Economy: Current Conditions and Outlook to 2030    

2.2 World Demographic Profile and Trends to 2050    

2.3 Outlook of Global Agricultural Sector to 2025

3 Market Overview and Qualitative Analysis

3.1 Market Structure     

3.2 Market Overview    

3.3 Major Growth Drivers     

3.4 Market Restraints and Challenges  

3.5 Emerging Opportunities and Market Trends   

3.6 Porter’s Fiver Forces Analysis 

3.7 Key M&A Trends and Strategic Partnerships  

3.8 Fundraising in Global Agricultural Robot Market    

4 Segmentation of Global Market by Application 

4.1 Market Overview by Application    

4.2 Agricultural Robots Market in Field Farming 2014-2025

4.3 Agricultural Robots Market in Livestock Management 2014-2025 

4.4 Agricultural Robots Market in Indoor Farming 2014-2025    

4.5 Agricultural Robots Market in Horticulture and Other Fields 2014-2025      

5 Segmentation of Global Market by Technology 

5.1 Market Overview by Technology    

5.2 Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Market 2014-2025      

5.3 Driverless Tractors Market 2014-2025   

5.4 Milking Robots Market 2014-2025  

5.5 Other Types Agricultural Robots Market 2014-2025     

5.5.1 Crops Management Robots  

5.5.2 Soil Management Robots     

5.5.3 Material Management Robots      

5.5.4 Animal Management Robots

6 Segmentation of Global Market by Region

6.1 Geographic Market Overview by Region 2015-2025     

6.2 North America Market 2014-2025  

6.3 European Market 2014-2025  

6.4 Asia-Pacific Market 2014-2025      

6.5 Latin America Market 2014-2025   

6.6 Rest of World Market 2014-2025    

7 Competitive Landscape     

7.1 Overview of Global Vendors   

7.2 Recent Product Launches and Updates  

7.3 Company Profiles (61 Vendors)     

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