Global Agricultural Drones Market 2016-2025 by System Segment, Application, Product Type, and by Region

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Agriculture is considered as a prime area of potential growth in the drone industry because of the technology’s ability to help survey crops and gather real-time information on farmland. Crop-spraying drones are suitable for all kinds of complex terrain, crops and plantations of varying heights. In addition, precise and accurate crop spraying ensures the best coverage and application of fertilizers or pesticides on lands. Agricultural drones are anticipated to account for a significant and ever-growing portion of the overall agricultural drones industry in the next decade. GMD predicts the global agricultural drones or UAVs market to grow phenomenally at 37.1% per annum by unit shipment, and 28.9% yearly on average by annual sales revenue generated from agricultural UAV hardware, drone software and servicing section over the next decade (2016-2025).



Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Industry Definition and Research Scope

1.2 Research Methodology   

1.3 Executive Summary

2 Market Environment   

2.1 World Economy: Current Conditions and Outlook to 2030    

2.2 World Demographic Profile and Trends to 2050    

2.3 Outlook of Global Agricultural Sector to 2025

3 Market Overview and Qualitative Analysis

3.1 Market Structure     

3.2 Market Overview    

3.3 Major Growth Drivers     

3.4 Market Restraints and Challenges  

3.5 Emerging Opportunities and Market Trends   

3.6 Porter’s Fiver Forces Analysis 

3.7 Key M&A Trends and Strategic Partnerships  

3.8 Fundraising in Global Agricultural Drones Market  

4 Segmentation of Global Market by Application 

4.1 Market Overview by Application    

4.2 Agricultural Drones Market in Crop Spraying 2014-2025     

4.3 Agricultural Drones Market in Field Mapping 2014-2025      

4.4 Agricultural Drones Market in Pest Control 2014-2025 

4.5 Agricultural Drones Market in Seeding Application 2014-2025     

4.6 Agricultural Drones Market in Livestock Management 2014-2025

4.7 Agricultural Drones Market in Other Applications 2014-2025

5 Segmentation of Global Market by Product Type     

5.1 Market Overview by Product Type 

5.2 Fixed-wing Agricultural Drones Market 2014-2025

5.3 Multi-rotor Agricultural Drones Market 2014-2025

5.4 Single-rotor Agricultural Drones Market 2014-2025     

5.5 Hybrid-rotor Agricultural Drones Market 2014-2025     

6 Segmentation of Global Market by Region

6.1 Geographic Market Overview by Region 2015-2025     

6.2 North America Market 2014-2025  

6.2.1 Overview of North America Market    

6.2.2 U.S. Market  

6.2.3 Canadian Market  

6.3 European Market 2014-2025  

6.3.1 Overview of European Market    

6.3.2 Germany      

6.3.3 France  

6.3.4 UK 

6.3.5 Italy     

6.3.6 Spain    

6.3.7 Rest of European Market     

6.4 Asia-Pacific Market 2014-2025      

6.4.1 Overview of Asia-Pacific Market  

6.4.2 Japan    

6.4.3 China    

6.4.4 South Korea 

6.4.5 Australia      

6.4.6 India     

6.4.7 Rest of APAC Region   

6.5 Latin America Market 2014-2025   

6.5.1 Overview of Latin America Market     

6.5.2 Mexico  

6.5.3 Brazil    

6.5.4 Rest of Latin America  

6.6 Rest of World Market 2014-2025    

7 Competitive Landscape

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