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Global Home Healthcare Device Market 2014-2024: Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis and Outlook

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Driven by aging population, increasing healthcare expenditure and technology advancement, the global home healthcare devices (HD) market will see a rapid growth over the coming years with the sales revenue reaching $40.2 bn in 2019 and $60.1 bn by 2024, representing a higher CAGR than the world overall medical devices market.

Global Home Healthcare Device Market 2014-2024: Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis and Outlook examines the worldwide market of home-based healthcare devices through a comprehensive review and analysis of information sources. After reviewing such market environments as economy trend, demographic profile and healthcare landscape in the world, this report provides qualitative analysis of market forces, worldwide home healthcare device market by type, by diseases managed, and by geographic distribution.

Qualitative market analyses include discussions of growth drivers, restraints and challenges, emerging market opportunities, competitive landscape as well as Porter’s Fiver Forces analysis. Worldwide home healthcare device markets by type compose of Home Therapeutic Device (sub-markets include Home Respiratory Therapy Device, Home Dialysis Machines, Home IV Devices, and Other Home Therapeutic Devices), Home Diagnostics and Monitoring Devices (sub-markets include Home Telemedicine Patient Monitoring Systems and Home Conventional Monitors), and Home Patient Support Devices (sub-markets include Home Mobility Assist Equipment, Home Healthcare Furniture, and Bathroom Safety Equipment). The global HD market is also divided by disease managed into home healthcare devices for diabetes, motion impairments, respiratory diseases, sleep disorder, kidney failure, hypertension, and other diseases. Geographic sub-markets include continents such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific region, Latin America and the rest of world, with 12 country-based markets analyzed in detail for market overview, industry landscape, healthcare system and/or regulation issues.


Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Industry Definition and Scope

1.2 Research Methodology   

1.3 Executive Summary

2 Market Environment   

2.1 Recent Trends and Outlook of Global Economy    

2.1.1 Prospects for the World Economy in 2015–2016

2.1.2 Outlook of the World Economy to 2030      

2.2 World Demographic Profile and Trends  

2.2.1 Global Trends in Aging 

2.2.2 Geographic Spread of Global Population and Senior People     

2.3 Global Healthcare Landscape 

2.3.1 Healthcare Spend by Country     

2.3.2 Access to Healthcare   

2.3.3 Regulatory Considerations for World Medical Device Market    

3 Market Analysis  

3.1 Value Chain Analysis      

3.2 Major Growth Drivers     

3.3 Market Restraints and Challenges  

3.4 Emerging Opportunities  

3.5 Porter’s Fiver Forces Analysis 

3.7 IPO and VCI in Global Medical Device Market      

3.8 FDI in Global Medical Device Market     

4 Global Home Healthcare Device Market by Device Type 

4.1 Overview of Worldwide Home Healthcare Device Market by Type 2011-2024    

4.2 Home Therapeutic Device      

4.2.1 Home Respiratory Therapy Device     

4.2.2 Home Dialysis Machines      

4.2.3 Home IV Devices 

4.2.4 Other Home Therapeutic Devices

4.3 Home Diagnostics and Monitoring Devices    

4.3.1 Home Telemedicine Patient Monitoring Systems

4.3.2 Home Conventional Monitors      

4.4 Home Patient Support Devices      

4.4.1 Home Mobility Assist Equipment

4.4.2 Home Healthcare Furniture  

4.4.3 Bathroom Safety Equipment

5 Global Home Healthcare Device Market by Disease Managed 

5.1 Overview of Global Home Healthcare Device Demand by Disease 2011-2024   

5.2 Home Healthcare Device for Diabetes   

5.3 Home Healthcare Device for Motion Impairments 

5.4 Home Healthcare Device for Respiratory Diseases      

5.5 Home Healthcare Device for Sleep Disorder 

5.6 Home Healthcare Device for Kidney Failure  

5.7 Home Healthcare Device for Hypertension    

5.8 Home Healthcare Device for Other Diseases 

6 Global Home Healthcare Device Market by Region  

6.1 Geographic Overview of Global Home Healthcare Device Sales 2011-2024

6.2 North America Home Healthcare Devices Market 2011-2024      

6.2.1 Overview of North America Market    

6.2.2 U.S. Home Healthcare Devices Market      

6.2.3 Canadian Home Healthcare Device Market 

6.3 European Home Healthcare Device Market 2011-2024 

6.3.1 Overview of European Market    

6.3.2 German Home Healthcare Device Market  

6.3.3 France Home Healthcare Device Market    

6.3.4 UK Home Healthcare Device Market   

6.3.5 Italy Home Healthcare Device Market

6.3.6 Russia Home Healthcare Device Market     

6.3.7 Spain Home Healthcare Device Market      

6.3.8 Home Healthcare Device Market in Rest of Europe   

6.4 Asia-Pacific Home Healthcare Device Market 2011-2024     

6.4.1 Overview of Asia-Pacific Market  

6.4.2 Japan Home Healthcare Device Market      

6.4.3 China Home Healthcare Device Market      

6.4.4 India Home Healthcare Device Market

6.4.5 Home Healthcare Device Market in Other Asia-Pacific Region  

6.5 Latin America Home Healthcare Device Market 2011-2024  

6.5.1 Overview of Latin America Market     

6.5.2 Brazil Home Healthcare Device Market      

6.5.3 Home Healthcare Device Market in Rest of Latin America 

6.6 Home Healthcare Device Market in Rest of World 2011-2024      

6.7 Relative Availability of Home Healthcare Devices by Country 2014-2020   

7 Major Home Healthcare Device Manufacturers 

7.1 Overview of Global Leading Homecare Device Manufacturers     

7.2 R&D Spend in World Healthcare Devices     

7.3 Company Profiles (50 Key Manufacturers of Home Healthcare Devices)    

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