Risk Evaluation Reports

Through comprehensive and systematic analysis, GMD’s Risk Evaluation Reports figure out the Risk Index Number (RIN) quantitatively and Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of various industrial sectors. The objective risk assessment and insights ensure companies to make wise investment in worldwide fast-changing marketplaces. 

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List of Risk Evaluation Reports:

Automotive Industry

Automotive Coatings (3001R)




Chemical Industries

Specialty Elastomers (4001R)

Engineering Plastics (4002R)

Melamine Industry in China 2010-2015 (4003R)



Green Building Materials (5001R)




Consumer Goods & Services

Household Appliances (6001R)

Flavors and Fragrances (6002R)

Feminine Hygiene Products (6003R)

China’s Beer Industry 2014-2019 (6004R) New Release



Computers, Electrics & Communications

China’s Smartphone Industry 2014-2019 (7001R) New Release




Healthcare and Social Assistance

Pharmaceuticals (9001R)

Global Medical Device Sector: Risk Analysis and Management 2014-2020 (9002R) New Release



Industrial Manufacturing

Graphite Industry (10001R)




Life Sciences

Biotechnical Products (12001R)



Online Retail

E-commerce Companies (13001R)



Power and Fuel

Battery Industry (14001R)


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